the studio


Enter our bespoke parlor where creating mannequins is a fashion affair. Skillfull fingers and sharp spirits enable us to associate traditional craftsmanship, a “French Touch” legacy to a state-of-the-art technicality. Within our Paris and Los Angeles workshops, many crafts distill the latest trends to instill them, for you, inside your displays. Art directors, designers, sculptors all work hand in hand to showcasing innovative materials, fresh finish and countless colours. We design two mannequin collections a year. And since your identity is our priority, we also create accessories and decoration props… An entire scenography to spread out the essence of your universe.



The main goal inside our designing and production Ateliers is to find that perfect balance between form and function for each of our mannequins. For 40 years, the keywords inside our Paris and Los Angeles Ateliers for our sculptors, molders, restorative painters have been high demand and highest level of expertise. Working in close collaboration with our Studio, we keep looking forward with up-and-coming technologies such as 3D. We make the most of innovations and our heritage to design and invent tomorrow’s mannequins.

Mannequins production and respect for international standards

Seaming quality with ethics

In Los Angeles USA and in our facilities in China, PATINA-V offers a production capacity of 10 000 mannequins per month.
We follow the most ethical standards and use eco-responsible materials.
Furthermore, all of our production sites are strictly controlled according to the highest international quality standards.


The world is our display

We want to keep you close and keep in touch with your current trends. That is why our studios, our showrooms, our logistic hubs and production platforms are located all around the world. We look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles, Paris or NYC. More than 170 collaborators across America, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Asia are working around the clock We blend talent with many cultures. That diversity is what strengthens our team spirit and enables us to best respond to your demands.


Exigence & excellency

Major international brand names trust us because we are committed to strict standards. We are part of the SEDEX (supplier ethical data exchange) organization, which aims at ethical improvements in global supply chains. For more than 15 years, we have worked closely with the same partners. From that collaboration, they grew to become the best production sites in each area of the world.


Reliable down to the last mile

At PATINA-V, delivery deadlines are a priority. This is why we developed a worldwide presence. Working close to you, our American and European teams have been trained with major international groups. They always keep a watchful eye to find the best qualified providers and the most environment-friendly transport.

Co-Creation & Advice

Experience and Service

Working with you, for you.
From the designing phase on paper, to the sculpting and prototyping, to the setting up of the mannequins in your store, we will help you over the entire process.
At PATINA-V we thrive on an ever evolving array of essential services :make-up, customization, ready-to-rent, mint condition mannequins , and financial support.For 35 years, PATINA-V has been the supplier to the top fashion brands and worldwide retailers.
We understand what is fundamental in your brand identity and translate it into a specific shape, style and color.

Mannequins renovation

Creating a new
lease of life

For PATINA-V, besides the service we offer to our customers, it is also an ethical matter.
Creating a new lease of life for your mannequins is a way to for us make an eco-responsible statement towards a more sustainable fashion.
Whatever your demands may be (a simple repair or a full makeover), our renovation service is committed to supplying you with a high quality product, close to a brand-new condition, with a limited investment.
Extending a mannequin’s life is prolonging its emotional power.